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Your new online assistant in the salon or practice

Book-Here-Now is a modern and intuitive system for booking appointments at salons and surgeries, which also allows for the automatic collection of advance payments for services at the time of booking.

In addition, we offer an extension in the form of a Homepage and a Contact tab.

Ordering this solution provides you with a simple homepage where you can describe your practice, include a gallery and information about the services you offer. In addition, customers are provided with easy appointment booking via a dedicated tab and the ability to contact your practice via a dedicated subpage.

For similar solutions on the market you have to spend at least £500. In addition, each year you have to pay a minimum for license renewal, hosting and SSL £150

We offer all this for just £99 per annum (i.e. only £8.25 per month).

Once you have completed the form and paid, you will be contacted and the finished system will be available within 48 hours.

The system has a number of advantages and enhancements to appointment booking that ensure easy and smooth operation of any salon or practice.


  • You can choose the look of your website from three modern templates (templates below)
  • The client can book several services at the same time. For example, a haircut and colouring
  • Managing the system and adding appointments from the phone app
  • You have the option of charging for services during the booking process - all or part of the amount
  •  The booking link can be placed on your Facebook account or business card, on Google maps
  • Possibility to set the duration of each service and the interval between visits for cleaning the workplace
  • Visit booking reminders sent automatically to the customer's e-mail address
  • Translation into different languages
  • Generation of disposable or reusable discount coupons
  • Automatic sending of reminders to customers who have not booked an appointment for a longer period of time
  • Setting up of break and holiday appointments in the calendar
  • Automatic requests for feedback from the customer after a visit
  • You also receive a package/voucher for 1 hour of technical support, training or assistance, to be used within the first year of purchase

Don't delay! Place your order now and use Book-Here-Now to make managing your bookings easier and more convenient for your customers.

Choose one of the templates below and complete the form.